Friday, 23 September 2011

Grandma’s spreading the word

Marmalade spice cake
I’m passionate about sharing Grandma’s skills and expertise which she passed on with the legacy of her delectable collection of 190 recipes in  Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking  so I’m doing talks, book signings and demonstrations about Grandma’s baking. Read about them on my Events pages.

The first one was at Furlong Road Methodist Church in Bolton on Dearne, South Yorkshire where Grandma spent most of her life. It was brilliant to talk to the group about Grandma’s life in the village and her baking. It all set them reminiscing and quite a few of them remembered Grandma. I took along the Marmalade Spice Cake which they loved. 
We talked about ways of helping younger mums and dads learn how to use simple ingredients to make simple and healthy food for their families. Grandma’s baking has lots to offer. Her skills were honed over the twentieth century often in times of shortage during rationing in the first and second world wars and the depression in the 1930s.  
A good friend of mine, John Foster of Fosters Bakery in Barnsley says that what he loves about Grandma’s book is that her appeal is not just about yesterday but it's for today and tomorrow. Grandma’s recipes not only celebrate our baking heritage, but are highly relevant for us now and in the future, with food shortages and increases in the prices of foodstuffs and energy. He is very clear that we need to make tasty food with simple ingredients once again.
Last weekend, I was signing books and sharing cakes with the customers at Waterstones, which was great fun. Everyone tells me an anecdote about their Grandma’s baking so let’s start Grandma’s baking revolution!

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