Monday 22 August 2016

Fond memories of buns

Just to set the record straight, what we call ‘buns’ in Yorkshire are often called 'small cakes' elsewhere across the country. Margaret wrote to me about her fond memories of buns as a child in Kiveton Park near Sheffield when I visited her Local History group to talk about the History of Afternoon Tea 
“Before, during and after the war, tea parties would be held on a large lawn behind the houses on Wales Road (now a car park). Kids were excluded but we played on the edges and our mums would usually save a precious bun for their offspring. If we were caught playing on it during the week, we were chased off by Mr Betteridge!”

Margaret and her chums would perhaps be eating 
or any of these from Grandma Abson’s recipes for tasty buns :
Plenty to choose from ... so, which is your favourite?