Friday 13 May 2016

Let’s party with Lily’s Praline Cake

Praline Cake
 I did a presentation about Grandma’s baking for a fabulous group called ‘The Breakaways’. The name of their group was intriguing since, much as they loved their husbands and partners, they just enjoyed a couple of hours 'break' away from home to chat and relax with their friends. They had all sorts of hobbies and baking was high on the list. 
Lily sent me her recipe for one of their favourite cakes – a proper party piece and perfect for a birthday treat – Praline Cake –  and it's very easy to bake. She had been making it since Cadbury Flakes cost 14p so you can tell it’s an old favourite.
Praline Cake
4oz/110g caster sugar
4/oz/110g butter or margarine
2 oz/50g self raising flour
2 oz/50g ground almonds
2 oz/50g coconut
2 eggs
1 Cadbury’s Flake
Cream the sugar and butter/margarine. Add the dry ingredients gradually with the beaten egg. Crumble in the Chocolate Flake. Put into a square tin and bake in the oven 150C/Mark 2 for 45 minutes
Meryl says : I  topped my Praline Cake with butter cream  and chopped nuts to make a perfect party cake but you could decorate with chocolate pieces too. Thanks to Lily, Diana and The Breakways for sharing this glorious recipe!