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My Heritage Baking talks

1. Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking 
Learn all about Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking, her life in service and how to bake delicious cakes, biscuits, puddings, jams and chutneys. 
2. The History of Afternoon Tea 
Explore the origins and characters involved in creating this quintessential British tradition and what makes a perfect afternoon tea! 
3. Baking in World Wars 1 and 2
Discover how baking was affected by rationing, shortages and campaigns to promote nutritional meals. Taste recipes which Grandma Abson would have baked.  
4.Georgian and Regency era Baking
See how baking during Georgian and Regency times has influenced  baking as we know it today. Taste some of the recipes from cooks in those times. 
5. Christmas baking traditions
 Find out how to make Grandma Abson’s homemade Christmas traditional delights and test your knowledge about Christmas traditions! 
6.Easter and Lenten Food traditions

Learn about pagan and Christian traditions from around the world which herald the coming of Spring and Easter. 

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Previous Events


20 Mar Greenford WI

Meryl was delighted to visit Greenford WI who asked her to talk about baking in Georgian times. The members were keen to know the historical context and the references to Jane Austen’s novels as well as the recipes of the time.

 6 Mar Ashford WI

Meryl paid a return visit to the group and was challenged with judging the competition for Easter biscuits – always so difficult to choose one out of the amazing entries. It all tied in with Meryl’s talk on Easter Baking traditions. We had a lovely evening.


29 Feb St Peter’s Fellowship, Hersham

It was raining outside, but we had a lovely time taking about Easter Baking Traditions and seeing how people across the world celebrated Easter with glorious bakes.


28 Jan The Inner Wheel Kingston

Meryl was delighted to be invited to the Inner Wheel’s 85th birthday celebrations and give her History of Afternoon Tea talk. Elizabeth writes :  "I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did with your talk..... we all learnt something that afternoon!" They all loved the cake Meryl had made for the event.


28 Nov Claygate Primary School

Meryl did her WW2 baking and rationing talk to Year 6 following their visit to the Imperial War Museum. They enjoyed tasting the Vinegar cake and Anzac biscuits Meryl had baked with her granddaughter.

24 Nov The Thirty Club Guildford

Meryl paid a return visit to The Thirty Club as they were enjoying their Christmas lunch and gave her talk on Christmas Baking traditions. 

26 May The Thirty Club Guildford

A lovely sunny afternoon was the backdrop to Meryl’s talk on The History of Afternoon Tea. Members enjoyed the talk following their monthly lunch at the Holiday Inn.

3 Apr Castleford Focus Gp

A lovely return visit to friends of Castleford Library to talk about Easter and Lenten Baking traditions. The members particularly enjoyed the Simnel cake which Meryl had taken.


9 Mar Claygate Village WI

Gillian writes : Would just like to say a very big thank you for your talk last evening.  The feedback was very positive, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone - as well as the cake!

8 Mar Claygate WI

Wendy writes : Thank you so much for changing dates and coming to speak to us, giving us a wonderful insight into the history of how Afternoon Tea became the wonderful experience it is now. Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the Yorkshire tea loaf was absolutely delicious.

9 Jan East Croydon U3A

This was Meryl’s first talk of the year and the members were treated to a taste of Marmalade Spice Cake, made with the marmalade Meryl had made the previous week and topped with warming ginger. They said it was a perfect afternoon out despite the blustery weather.


16 Nov Inner Wheel Kingston upon Thames

Meryl was delighted to be invited as Guest speaker at the group’s Christmas Fayre which raises funds for 6 local charities. Valerie writes :  ‘I thought your talk on    Christmas Baking Traditions was quite outstanding and so full of information yet delivered in such a relaxed and unauthoritative manner…. I have had lots of lovely comments back.


15 Nov Aston Clinton U3A

Meryl braved a very wet afternoon in Aylesbury to deliver her History of Afternoon Tea talk to a large and very appreciative audience. They were holding an afternoon tea event a couple of weeks hence so learnt all about the rules and regulations including how to stir their tea! Colin writes : ‘Many thanks for a great afternoon which our members all enjoyed.’

4 May Ashford WI

What excitement for the Vinegar Cake competition and so hard to judge! Ashford WI showed off their baking skills making this 1942 cake to complement my talk on Baking and Rationing in WW2. 

2 Mar Buxton Crescent Trust

It was a lovely Zoom audience who joined me ‘On the Net Online Talk’ about ‘The History of Afternoon Tea’ with lots of interesting questions, including the intriguing difference between ‘tif’ and ‘mif’ and a memory from the past.

2 Feb West London Oddfellows

A rainy afternoon in Hammersmith but a warm welcome from the group for Meryl’s talk on the History of Afternoon Tea. Meryl took a homemade Victoria Sandwich to go with the scrumptious afternoon tea they had prepared. Fantastic to be talking ‘live’!

17 Jan Thames Ditton WI

Fantastic to be talking ‘live’ to this group. The lovely members gave me a very warm welcome. Diane writes : ‘It was fascinating and the amount of information you have acquired was impressive. We also enjoyed the vinegar cake!



2 Nov Nether Edge WI

Sarah writes : 'Many thanks for joining us to share your encyclopaedic knowledge of Christmas Baking traditions ….It was fascinating and we now feel inspired to follow your grandmother’s example and get baking in preparation for the festive season. look forward to having a go at the Christmas wreath, which sounds delicious.'


16 Sept Pontefract Family History Society

Meryl caught up with the group on Zoom and talked about Baking and Rationing in World War 2. There were lots of questions and interesting shared experiences. Brenda writes : ‘It was a very enjoyable talk. Thank you.’

13 Sept Ashtead WI
It was awesome to be ‘live’ again. Deborah writes : ‘Thank you so much for your talk (on Baking in World Wars 1 and 2). It was really interesting and definitely a hit! We had a super time and definitely enjoyed meeting together in the hall, despite anxiety of getting the Covid safety precautions going.’


5 Jul Barming WI

Meryl had a fantastic evening delivering her talk about the History of Afternoon Tea to members via Zoom. The group asked some intriguing questions, including ‘who invented doilies?’ In fact, the name originated from a 17 th century London draper called ‘Doily’. His firm made fabric fringed napkins. It then became the name given to a napkin used for cakes and desserts.



14 Jun Barming History Society

Meryl enjoyed delivering her talk about the History of Afternoon Tea via Zoom to members of the group. We’re all finding ways to celebrate this quintessential event during the pandemic.

11 Jun Derby Primary St James Junior     

Meryl took part in an Inspiring the Future/Primary Futures virtual activity called ‘What’s My Line?’ with students in year 6. Darren writes : ‘… the workshop went really well and your support added great value to the session.


9 Jun Bushmead WI 

Jo writes : 'Thank you so much for a fascinating talk this evening. We all thoroughly enjoyed it.'


24 May Edlington Victoria Primary School

Meryl took part in the Inspiring the Future/Primary Futures project with Y5/6 pupils. Willow writes : ‘Thank you so much for joining our virtual session. It was a pleasure to have you as a volunteer and we enjoyed hearing about your work. I think the children were very engaged and it was fantastic that you could introduce them to your role as a cookery writer and presenter, share your enthusiasm for your work and the excellent advice about being passionate about what you do and having fun.’ 


13 April Thurlow WI

Karen writes : Thank you so much for joining us last night. Your talk on the History Of Afternoon Tea was really enjoyed by all of our ladies and it was a pleasure to meet you.

12 April Kingdown & Ringwould WI

Meryl was very happy to pay a virtual return visit to the group. Sue writes : Once again thank you for your informative talk on WW2 baking this afternoon. The Ladies carried on talking all through the tea break!


31 Mar Eden Valley Museum, Edenbridge

Meryl was delighted to do a live streamed event for the Museum about Baking in World Wars 1 and 2. She stirred up lots of memories including those of relatives growing food on allotments. Lots of great feedback. Thank you!


16 Mar Bread & Roses WI

Meryl had a (virtual) return visit to the group to talk about the History of Afternoon Tea. Fatima writes : ‘Thank you Meryl for an excellent presentation and entertaining evening….It made us all long for an Afternoon Tea!’


10 Feb Bardsey cum Rigton WI

There were over 25 attendees at Meryl’s talk about her Grandma on Zoom and lots of interesting questions and lovely comments. Caroline writes : We really enjoyed your talk last night but such a shame we couldn’t sample some of your baking! Meryl also learnt all about Black Bun from 2 Scottish ladies – it’s doused with whisky and eaten around New Year. 


14 Jan Roundhay WI

Meryl finally caught up on Zoom with this group she was meant to visit last June. She had a great time talking about the History of Afternoon tea and hope it won’t be too long before we can all enjoy this great tradition. In the meantime, we decided it’s a good excuse to get that 3 tiered cake stand out! 

13 Jan Wickersley WI

Meryl enjoyed talking about her Grandma on Zoom with the group. The host, Ann writes : I would just like to thank you for your talk last night. It was really enjoyable and I've had several emails from members saying how much they enjoyed it. Whilst sat in my sewing room watching the cars trying to get up our road in the snow, I glanced up to the book shelf and the old cookery books I acquired after my Great Aunts died and my Gran. Of course, you inspired me to get them down and have a look. They go back 100+ years and are fascinating. Thank you. 


18 Dec MHA Communities South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw

Meryl paid a return visit to the group, this time via Zoom to talk to the members about Christmas Baking Traditions. They shared their own family traditions including putting coins in Christmas puddings.

14 Dec West Sussex Federation of WIs

Meryl was delighted to share her Grandma’s Christmas recipes on Zoom with the federation of WIs in the West Sussex area. They were impressed by Hannah Glasse’s recipe for Yorkshire Christmas Pie. It was a whopper!   

14 Dec Droitwich U3A

Meryl discovered another part of the country via Zoom to meet the members of this lovely group. They were well informed about the historical aspects and found the talk entertaining and very enjoyable.


9 Nov Kingsdown & Ringwold WI, Kent

Meryl had a lovely afternoon on Zoom with this group in a part of the country she didn’t know at all. They were intrigued by the Christmas recipes from different cultures and took a keen interest in the Yorkshire recipes!


7 Oct Ridgeway WI, Sheffield

Delighted to talk to Ridgeway WI about Christmas Baking Traditions on Zoom. They enjoyed it very much but said that you wished they could try the Christmas baking at the same time!


20 Jul Bexleyheath & Crayford Waterside WI

Hurrah for Zoom! Meryl did her first virtual talk to this group on ‘The history of Afternoon tea’. They so enjoyed it and it was a real privilege to support their group meeting. Stay safe and stay together! 

18 Mar The Elderberries Wetherby
In what is likely to be their and my last event for a while, the Elderberries had a brilliant time with my Afternoon Tea talk followed by a sumptuous spread. One to remember! Stay safe everyone!
14 Mar Cusworth Hall Great Kitchen
Is baking a skill or Science? We thought it was a bit of both at the Science on your doorstep event. 
10 Mar Pontefract Arthritis Care
Meryl had a very enjoyable evening with the group who reminisced about the trials of cooking on old ranges. 
9 Mar Fresh Start Bawtry
Meryl was delighted to present her new talk on Easter and Lenten baking traditions for the first time. The members enjoyed Simnel Cake, Dutch Easter Celebration stick and Easter Biscuits.
19 Feb Farm Women’s Club Brigg
What a marvelous place is Brigg with a picturesque Buttercross in the town centre. Meryl enjoyed her visit to the group who had plenty of baking experiences to share after her  talk about Grandma Abson.
18 Feb Scunthorpe Everywoman
Meryl had a fantastic welcome from the group who were keen to share their own baking experiences including using various spices such as cinnamon and ginger for enhancing wellbeing. 
21 Jan Harthill WI
Meryl paid a return visit to Harthill to talk about Afternoon Tea. By the end, the group was well equipped to appreciate their next Afternoon tea experience!
21 Jan Rosedale Primary
Meryl enjoyed talking to Reception and Year 1 pupils about being a cookery writer, presenter and blogger as part of the Inspiring the Future project. They all loved talking about which cakes they liked to bake - most popular was Chocolate Cake!
8 Jan Bessacarr Ladies Luncheon Club
Jean writes : ‘This is to say a huge thank you for entertaining our ladies. We really enjoyed your talk about Doncaster’s heritage baking.’
16 Dec Edenthorpe WI
Meryl was very privileged to be the speaker for this group for their last meeting. Members enjoyed tasting Nutmeg Cake and Lemon Pound cake from recipe books from the 1920s.

10 Dec  Grenoside Local History Group
Meryl enjoyed talking to this very astute audience of local historians who were very keen to find out more about how we celebrated Christmas in the past.

5 Dec HHA tour in Harrogate
Meryl had a fantastic reception from the members of the Historic Houses Association tour of Yorkshire. They were eager to learn about Hannah Glasse’s recipe for Yorkshire Christmas pie and other Yorkshire Christmas Baking recipes.
4 Dec Leverton & District Gardening Club
Meryl’s Christmas talk and baking samples made a great addition to the fizz which the gardening club members enjoyed. Nutmeg Cake was a big hit!
2 Dec Friends of Castleford Library
Wendy writes : Thank you once again for coming along and giving us such an interesting talk and the lovely baking treats that you brought along for us to sample.
6 Nov Brampton Ladies Cub Chesterfield
Meryl inspired the group to start their Christmas baking after learning all about Christmas baking traditions. They were doing some fantastic fundraising through recycling and selling plants and flowers. 
6 Nov Chapeltown MU
The group told Meryl all about the gifts they liked to make for friends and family at Christmas. One member was making 9 Christmas Cakes! 
4 Nov Messingham WI
Meryl enjoyed a visit to this group who were talking about their preparations of Plum Loaf for Christmas. It’s a local favourite fruit cake. Here’s the Recipe
18 Oct Doncaster BreatheEasy
Meryl enjoyed another visit to this group. They were planning their Christmas celebration events so hearing all about Christmas Baking traditions fitted in perfectly. Jo wrote : ‘Thank you so much for attending our meeting – much appreciated.’ 
16 Oct Bread & Roses WI
Meryl had an amazing welcome from this group. They loved reminiscing about Grandma’s baking. They wrote : ‘Thanks again, Meryl. What a brilliant evening and the cakes were lovely too. Your talk was excellent and our members were so enthusiastic about the evening!’
10 Oct Aireborough Historical Society
Meryl talked to the group about rationing in WW2 and some of the members could remember Woolton pie. They especially enjoyed the Beetroot cake and Anzac Biscuits afterwards but were a bit unsure about trying the not so temptingly named Vinegar Cake. It’s actually OK! 
7 Oct Arksey Community Group
Jackie writes : Thank you for your very interesting talk and delicious cake that you gave us on Monday night. Meryl had a great time telling the story of Afternoon tea to this group who all enjoyed the cakes. She bought an amazing Christmas spider decoration from the fundraising stall which she’ll take to her Christmas talks later in the autumn.  
4 Oct Children’s Society Wetherby
Jill writes : ‘I just had to write and thank you for your super presentation yesterday.  Talking to our committee members today they have told me how much they and everyone enjoyed it.’ Meryl was delighted to talk at the event and loved the amazing afternoon tea afterwards. 
2 Oct South Pennine WI
Meryl had a super time with the members sharing stories about WW2 baking and rationing and met several members who recounted their childhood memories of this period. She also met another Marguerite Patten fan! Nicola writes : Thanks you so much for a truly wonderful and informative evening. My mum (Pegg) especially enjoyed it. Also lovely to chat to a fellow Marguerite Patten fan.’
11 Sept Wrenthorpe Ladies Group
After a summer break, Meryl started the autumn season with a warm welcome from the Wrenthorpe Ladies. Margaret writes : It was lovely to meet you tonight and enjoy your very interesting talk. Everyone enjoyed it and it is a long time since we had so many members at the meeting. The cakes were delicious too.
19 Jun White Rose Centre, Wheldrake
Meryl had a fantastic afternoon tea with the Friends of the White Rose Centre who support the Girl guiding association. We all had a lot of fun with Meryl’s questions about the characters in the Afternoon tea story. 
18 Jun MU Chapeltown
Sylvia writes : ‘Everyone said how much they enjoyed your talk and are looking forward to hearing you in the future with another of your talks.’
12 Jun Queens Mill, Castleford
Meryl had a lovely time doing the History of Afternoon tea talk at Queen’s Mill with the community group, with lots of tasty cakes to support the Alzheimer’s charity event. All the cakes were made with wholemeal stoneground flour from the Mill.
3 Jun Doncaster Heritage Baking
Meryl tried out some heritage baking skills in Hexthorpe with Rhubarb and Ginger Chutney, Scones and Parkin on the recipe list. 
2 Jun Cusworth Hall
The Great Kitchen was brimming with tasty cakes the Servants would have eaten – Slab Cake and Ground Rice Cake went down a treat.   
15 May Doncaster Heritage Festival
Meryl enjoyed doing detailed research for her talk ‘Uncovering Doncaster’s Food History’ at the fabulous DreamBakes café as part of the Doncaster Heritage festival. Hannah made some beautiful cakes  to add to the event 
8 May Winthrop Gardens, Wickersley
Angela writes : Thank you, Meryl for another great talk – despite the weather, everyone enjoyed the afternoon.
25 Apr Inner Wheel Club Doncaster St Leger
Christine writes : Hi Meryl it was lovely to meet you on Thursday evening and our ladies really enjoyed your talk. 
18Apr Darrington Ladies Club
Edith writes : ‘Hi Meryl ….Thank you for your talk this evening, everyone really enjoyed it and were surprised, as I was, how good the ww2 recipes tasted!’
10 April Retford Probus Club
Meryl had excellent feedback for her delivery and professional style from the members of the group. Betty had brought her copy of Marguerite Pattern’s wartime recipes which she put on display alongside Meryl’s recipes and cakes. 
2 April Bassetlaw Parkinson’s Society
Meryl had a fun afternoon with the members in Worksop, sharing stories like Grandma’s of their own relatives time in service, including with the Duke of Portland.
28 Mar Fishlake WI
Meryl enjoyed an evening talking about the History of Afternoon Tea and learnt a little of the Suffragettes who also met in Tea rooms. 
15 Mar Pontefract Town Hall
Meryl was very privileged to attend the unveiling of a Blue Plaque to the Cookery Book ‘English Housewifry’ written by trailblazer Elizabeth Moxon. It was a historic occasion for Dream Time Creative and Pontefract Civic Society and all who had worked with much energy to achieve this. 
13 Mar Whittingham WI
Despite a windy afternoon, members turned out in force to hear Meryl talk about her Grandma and her baking. Mary was keen to get one of the printed copies of Grandma’s recipes.
1 Mar Wakefield Library
Meryl was delighted to deliver a lunchtime talk in Wakefield entitled ‘Popular Cookery in Georgian times’ to celebrate International Women’s Day and in particular local Cookery writer Elizabeth Moxon 1741.
28 Feb Isle of Axholme Local History Society
Local History devotees in Epworth welcomed Meryl back to hear all about the trials of baking in WW2. They enjoyed tasting Anzac biscuits and were pleasantly surprised by Vinegar Cake, commenting they liked having less sugar in the cakes!
19 Feb Tuesday Club Finningley
Afternoon Tea was firmly on the minds of the Tuesday Club members where they were anticipating tasting the scones, jam and cream and other delights from Grandma’s baking.

14 Feb Maltby WI
Meryl paid a return visit to talk about her Grandma and her baking. She had a lovely welcome from the group who had much to add about their own relatives ‘in service’.
January 2019
24 Jan Colton
Meryl had a warm welcome at Colton Methodist Church where members of the group participated fully in the Story of Afternoon Tea talk, especially tasting the cakes.
28 Jan Chesterfield Women’s Club
Meryl had a full house of members to entertain with the story of her Grandma and her baking. The cake soon disappeared!
December 2018
19 Dec Mosborough WI
Meryl had a lovely afternoon with this group for her last talk of the year. They were intrigued by all our Christmas baking traditions which are inextricably linked to other cultures.
13 Dec Firbeck & Letwell WI
Meryl paid a return visit to this group to share some Christmas Baking Traditions – and, of course, some Christmas baking.

5 Dec Barkisland Community Group
Meryl braved the elements to get to Barkisland near Halifax and had a very warm welcome. The group said they really enjoyed the talk and Grandma’s Christmas baking. 

4 Dec HHA at Harrogate Cedar Court Hotel
Meryl was delighted to talk to the HHA group who were enjoying a visit to various historic houses in Yorkshire including Castle Howard and Fairfax House in York.
 November 2018
26 Nov Anston WI
Meryl paid a return visit to the group to talk about Christmas baking traditions. Her judging expertise was sought for the Christmas Hat competition. Lovely warm welcome and lovely comments about the Christmas baking.

23 Nov Pontefract Museum Forgotten Women
Meryl was delighted to take part in the Forgotten Women project.  She really enjoyed talking to the group and finding out more about Elizabeth Moxon pioneer culinary writer.

13 Nov Hatfield Ladies
Meryl enjoyed some Christmas cheer with the group in Hatfield. There were lots of interesting questions about Christmas traditions – and of course some traditional Christmas recipes to taste. 
12 Nov Bawtry Fresh Start
Meryl had a fun evening at the Phoenix Theatre with this engaging group. They were intrigued by the Twelfth Night Cake stories.
12 Nov Heather Garth Primary
Meryl had a fabulous afternoon sharing details of wartime rationing with Year 6. They were keen to taste the strangely named Vinegar Cake but gave it the thumbs up!
8 Nov Cawthorne Ladies Society
Meryl’s talk about Grandma Abson and her baking was very well received Ann writes: ‘We all enjoyed your lovely talk and delicious baking.
8 Nov Rawmarsh TW
Meryl enjoyed returning to this group of TW members who meet in the morning. She talked about Christmas baking and set a few minds thinking about baking gifts for Christmas. 
5 Nov Darfield Wesleyan Ladies
No time for fireworks on Bonfire Night. The group were busy finding out all about Christmas Baking traditions!
3 Nov Nom Nom Cookery Book Club Wakefield 
Claire writes :Thank you Meryl for another wonderful talk, the Boxing Day cake was also a favourite with the library staff!
October 2018
19 Oct Caledonian Society Doncaster
Meryl took a tray of Yorkshire Parkin as a prize for the raffle – and it was the first to be chosen! A lovely evening with a very warm welcome. 
18 Oct Brinsworth TW
Meryl visited the group to do some early preparation for Christmas baking! 

15 Oct Swinton Afternoon Club
Meryl was delighted to catch up with Alice, now 88 years old who remembered Grandma, her love of hats and of course her baking! She also remembered Meryl as a 5 year old – no comment!
11 Oct Winthrop Gardens
Anna writes : It was a fabulous afternoon .. with a wonderful crowd of ladies.. and we were reassured we got the 3 tiers in the correct order! We were more than delighted to welcome you, Meryl and I’m confident and hopeful this will the first of many visits! 
10 Oct Grassmoor WI
A lovely evening with the group who all loved Seed Cake! It reminded them of their Grandmas’ baking. 
8 Oct Gawber Ladies’ Monday Club
The group were very interested to learn all about baking in the Georgian/Regency era and were surprised to see some familiar bakes to taste.  
September 2018
20 Sept Doncaster Breathe Easy
Meryl was privileged to talk to the group before they presented a cheque to DRI. The group celebrated their fundraising with a range of cakes including Grandma’s Orange and Butterscotch Cake. Joy had baked
July 2018
1 Jul Escrick heritage community project
Meryl had a brilliant afternoon tea with the group at Escrick Church to celebrate the launch of their local heritage project. Lots of scrumptious cakes!
May 2018
21 May Swinton Afternoon Club
Meryl enjoyed a sunny afternoon with the members exploring traditional recipes from her Grandma’s baking. Orange Cake and the Ground Almond Cake as Grandma made in service at Oakleigh in nearby Wath on Dearne were very popular. 

16 May Cusworth Hall #MuseumsatNight
Visitors had the chance to see where the Mistress of the Cusworth Hall reigned supreme, go on an evening tour of the Park, and try out craft activities. Meryl was in The Great Kitchen with tempting Victorian bakes including Coburg Cake, Snow Cake, Special French Gingerbread, Lavender Biscuits and Victorian Sandwich Cake.
March 2018
26 Mar Barnburgh Friendship Club
Meryl made some special Easter Chocolate Buns decorated with Orange glace icing for the group. They had an entertaining evening finding out about the History of Afternoon Tea.
22 Mar Balne Lane Wakefield
Meryl enjoyed the visit to the Coffee Club to talk about Grandma Abson and her baking. They loved the Easter Orange Cake and biscuits.  
12 March Darfield Wesleyan Ladies
Despite its sour name, Vinegar Cake proved a real hit with the ladies at my WW2 Baking talk. They wanted to know more about the national loaf but John Foster of Fosters Bakery is their next speaker so I’ll leave the details to the expert!
February 2018
22 Feb Crosspool Ladies
Tasting the cakes first proved to be a winner for the members of the group as they were enraptured by Grandma’s story and her baking, especially her Dream Cake. 
15 Feb Barnsley Older People group
Meryl had a fun afternoon reminiscing with the group about their memories of cooking on Yorkshire Ranges. There were plenty of Grandma’s cakes to keep everyone happy! 
13 Feb Swinton TW
A return visit to the group but a different venue. It didn’t stop them enjoying the History of Afternoon tea talk and trying out some Valentine recipes.
13 Feb Cottingham WI
Meryl had an early start to drive to Cottingham to present the History of Afternoon Tea to the group. They were very excited about tasting Grandma’s Valentine Orange cake with their morning coffee! 
8 Feb Lodge Moor TWG
Meryl received a lovely message from Gill who wrote : 'Enjoyed your talk and cake last night. Thank you for inspiring me to find out more about my Grandma. I know she was a farmer’s wife. My mum aged 93 still makes fab cakes.'
January 2018
25 Jan Isle of Axholme Local History
Meryl’s presentation about Grandma and her baking set the group talking about baking on ranges. They loved listening to the story and tasting the cakes from Grandma’s collection.
11 Jan Cantley with Branton WI
Meryl had a lovely evening with members of the group. The competition of old cookery book yielded a surprise as one of the participants had brought a Recipes folder just like Grandma’s as well as a quirky little notebook of handwritten recipes.
November 2017
29 Nov Rotherham Chantry Ladies
Members discovered the influence of many cultures through the ages on our modern Christmas baking traditions and enjoyed tasting Grandma’s favourite Christmas baking treats.
26 Nov Cusworth Hall Georgian Christmas
Meryl was in the Great Kitchen again with some Georgian Christmas baking. Nicola writes:“I was so pleased with how the event went, there was a very good atmosphere and people really enjoyed it. Thanks for being involved!”
21 Nov Doncaster Literacy Remembrance
Meryl was privileged to work with Literacy and the 1914-18 teams on the Combat, Correspondence & Cake event. Sam writes: Well-presented morning. The letters read out at the event were very poignant and a few tears were shed, but the comedy sketch lightened the mood. It was brilliant to see everyone working together to create a giant silk postcard. It is always a pleasure to see Meryl and is a definite perk of the job getting to try her tasty treats.
9 Nov Haxey &Westwoodside Local Heritage
Meryl’s visit to the group was to put members in the mood for Christmas with her talk about Christmas baking traditions. They were pleased to see Meryl again with the table laden with Boxing Day Cake, mince pies and lots more.
9 Nov Killamarsh WI
Meryl had great feedback from the WI who heard the story of the History of Afternoon Tea. One member was off to the Ritz for tea later in the month and she said she was fully versed in how to really enjoy it now! 
October 2017
4 Oct Tickhill Pop In
Meryl met a gregarious set of ladies at the MHA Pop In circle. They enjoyed tasting the cakes and listening to Grandma’s story. 
September 2017
13 Sept Mexborough Wednesday Club
Sandra writes : Hi Meryl  I just wanted to thank you for the excellent talk and cakes (they were delicious) at our last meeting.  It was good to meet you and I think everyone enjoyed reminiscing about days and places gone by.  I hope you will be able to give us another talk sometime next year.  I am enjoying reading your cookery book at the moment, so I am not sure whether this is going to be a present as planned.
5 Sept Hatfield Woodhouse Gardening Club
Meryl enjoyed a return visit to Hatfield Woodhouse to tell the story of Afternoon Tea. She was able to stock up on bargain seeds for next year’s gardening and in return there were plenty of Grandma’s cakes to enjoy.
22 Aug Wheatley Hills Senior Cits WW2 baking
Meryl always gets a warm welcome in Wheatley. She thinks they are always looking for an excuse to test out the baking. This time they were on rations with Vinegar Cake, Anzac Biscuits and Raspberry Buns. And they loved them all! 
10 Aug Maltby WI
Meryl enjoyed her first visit to the group to talk about the delights of Afternoon Tea. They had a fun time getting to know all the rules and regulations about how to stir your tea!
8 Aug Cusworth Georgian family event
Another chance to try out Georgian baking recipes on the visitors to The Great Kitchen. They sampled Seed Cake, Shrewsbury Biscuits, Macaroons, Gingerbread and Syllabub and enjoyed it all!
3 Aug Ingbirthworth WI
Meryl was very pleased to meet this group who are really proud of their Yorkshire Tea to accompany the cakes from Grandma’s recipes.
23 Jul Cusworth Doncaster Home Front
WW1 baking for the Home Front proved to be a very popular attraction with Trench Cake, Imperial Biscuits, Rock Buns, Coconut Haystacks and Parkin to sample in the Great Kitchen. Over 800 visitors passed through to taste baking from the past. 
20 Jul Chesterfield Townswomen
A rainy morning drive to the town with the famous crooked spire but spirits were lifted when Meryl brought out Grandma’s traditional cakes and biscuits to accompany her talk. 
13 Jul Scawsby Independent Women
Irene writes : Just a note to say thank you so much for the very interesting talk which you gave to the ladies of Scawsby Independent Women. They really enjoyed it and your cakes too! I wish you continued success with your talks and your baking! 
11 Jul Thorne Local History
Members of the group had lots of questions about the History of Afternoon tea, especially the etiquette of drinking tea! They enjoyed sampling cakes from the Edwardian era when Grandma was in service.
June 17
21 Jun Bawtry WI
Roberta writes : Dear Meryl Thank you very much for coming to speak to our WI members and for bringing the delicious cakes to sample. It was very interesting to hear of both your Grandma and your own personal baking histories. I look forward to making some of the traditional recipes! 
17 Jun Georgian Baking Mansion House Doncaster
Meryl extended her knowledge of Georgian and Regency baking to take part in the 300
15 Jun World of churches Barnby Dun
Meryl enjoyed talking to the group about the History of Afternoon tea and took along samples of Grandma’s afternoon tea delights from Grandma’s recipe collection.
13 Jun Kilnhurst St Thomas Café Encounter
Meryl was delighted to take part in one of the events during the week long Café Encounter festival. The group worked very hard to make the activities a great success. Grandma’s cakes were perfect alongside the strawberries and cream!
8 June Thurnscoe Local History Group
Meryl’s talk about Grandma Abson stirred up many memories of life in Bolton on Dearne with members of the group. One member remembered the anti aircraft guns near the railway station!

May 17
18 May NHS Retirement gp
Meryl enjoyed talking about Grandma's homemade cakes and the samples went down a treat on a lovely afternoon with this jolly group of retired nurses.
10 May Bents Green WI
Meryl enjoyed meeting members of this new and popular WI group. They gave her great feedback and a couple of recipes to try out for Grandma’s blog. Watch this space for new posts! And good luck to the group – they have lots of ideas (and cakes) so are on the road to success!
10 May Wheatley Hills Seniors
A great response from the group members who had lots to say about members of their own families who had been in service in the early 20
 8 May Darton Darby & Joan Club
Meryl had a lovely afternoon with this young at heart group. 10 plates of cakes and biscuits proved the perfect accompaniment to talking about Grandma’s baking!
4 May Doncaster Heritage Festival
Great feedback from the Doncaster Heritage Festival Afternoon Tea event at Taste Eatery and a sumptuous afternoon tea experience!
April 17
30 Apr May Day at Cusworth Hall

Lemon Syllabub from Mrs Beeton’s everyday Cookery to tie into the ‘
13 Apr Carlton in Lindrick WI
Meryl had a fantastic WI welcome and once they’d heard all about the History of Afternoon Tea, they couldn’t wait to try out their knowledge and expertise on Grandma’s cakes – especially the Easter Cake!
1 Apr Wakefield Library
Meryl enjoyed the visit to meet the Nom Nom Cookery group again to tell them all about Afternoon Tea. No April fools here - they adored all the baking but especially Orange Cake and Dream Cake.  
14 March Upton WI
Meryl talked to the group about Afternoon tea in preparation for their visit to Leeds College for an afternoon tea experience. The group had lots of ideas about afternoon tea including entertaining at home- I'm sure they'll have a brilliant time now they know all the rules!
13 Mar Doncaster Retired Teachers

Meryl had to watch her step with this group of teachers but all went very well and she had a warmhearted welcome, especially when she unveiled Grandma's baking. 
8 Feb Barnby Dun WI
Meryl paid a return visit to the group to give them all the info about Afternoon Tea and another chance to taste Grandma’s popular cakes too!
2 Feb Stannington Ladies
Meryl enjoyed talking to this lively group including hearing about one member's Grandma who was given a duster as a Christmas gift when she was in service. Maybe not a first thought for a secret Santa prezzie! Great comments about the cakes. 
26 Jan Barnsley Oddfellows
The Boatman’s Rest in Worsborough provide a welcoming venue to meet the group and share Grandma’s baking story. Chocolate Cake proved a tempting treat to celebrate #nationalchocolatecakeday too!
10 Jan Wadsley WI
What a wonderful array of cake stands for Meryl to judge in the competition. She loved them all – and a great crowd of members who enjoyed Grandma’s cakes too.
December 2016
13 Dec Wheatley Hills Senior Cits 
Meryl paid a 3
7 Dec Balby WI
It was a very festive venue when Meryl came to talk to this group – and their last meeting of the year. Meryl had to choose a festive bun or cake from the members’ competition entries. It's always a tough one!
30 Nov Hasland Ladies Chesterfield
Meryl had a warm welcome from this group who especially enjoyed Grandma’s Boxing Day Cake with dates and honey.
30 Nov Doncaster Partially Sighted gp
Meryl spent a brilliant afternoon with this group. It was a privilege to talk to this group describing the pictures for them. There was also a big birthday celebration with a beautiful Lemon cake as well as lots of Grandma’s baking.
28 Nov Doncaster Oddfellows
Meryl talked about her Grandma’s baking to this group. They had lots of interesting stories about relatives who had been in service. And of course they loved Grandma’s Christmas baking treats.
 27 Nov Cusworth A Country House Christmas
Meryl baked an abundance of Christmas treats for visitors to taste from the Victorian era of baking in the house.
 22 Nov Warmsworth Ladies Circle
Christmas cheer was the order of the evening. It was Meryl’s 3

17 Nov Seven Hills WI
Meryl had a large friendly audience as this group has over 70 members. The word 'cake' was mentioned 34 times before Meryl started her talk so she knew she was on safe ground!
October 16
24 Oct Anston WI
Meryl was delighted to talk to the group about Afternoon Tea. She met some old friends who remembered her from the 1970s.
20 Oct Finningley WI
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group about Afternoon Tea. One member talked about her experiences of afternoon tea in New Zealand in the 1960s which apparently was done in great style.
18 Oct Rossington WI
Meryl had a lovely time with this friendly group talking about Afternoon Tea. She met Carol who had been to Tea at Reids in Madeira – what an experience! 
13 Oct Haxey & Westwoodside Heritage Society
Meryl was invited back yet again – this time the theme was baking in world war two. Members tried out some of the recipes Meryl had recreated some that era including Beetroot Cake and Vinegar Cake. There was much fun remembering what people got up to with the rationing.
10 Oct St Mary’s Worsborough
Meryl had a warm welcome back in Worsborough to talk about the History of Afternoon Tea. Some members had taken tea at the Ritz and couldn’t wait to go back to stir their tea properly. Any excuse…!
6 Oct Ollerton WI
This was a very popular WI group with a huge membership doing lots of interesting activities including a darts team! They still found time to enjoy Grandma’s cakes and appreciate traditional baking.
4 Oct Bents Green Friendship Group
Meryl was in good company with this group who mentioned cake 3 times before she started the talk about Grandma’s traditional recipes. Meryl is already making good use of the fallen apples she bought there for Chutney and Apple pies. #wastenotwantnot!
3 Oct St Lawrence Church
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group who were very active in the local community of Adwick. She met a member who had been in service with the Earl of Chesterfield up to 1939 with lots of stories to tell. They loved Grandma’s cakes and recipe book. 
September 16
8 Sept Wentworth WI
Meryl heard some interesting anecdotes about members’ relatives who were in service just like Grandma. There was a competition to judge which was so difficult that Meryl had to give several equal winning places. Meryl baked Grandma's Overnight Cake with 
1 Sept Warmsworth WI
Meryl paid a return visit to the group to talk about Afternoon tea – some familiar faces too. Sales of Grandma’s book went well too – with members stocking up with a signed copy for a unique prezzie!
August 16
25 Aug Beckingham Local History gp
Meryl gave her Afternoon tea talk to the group at the restored Willow Works at Beckingham near the local marshes, where a major project is underway to re-establish the wetland grazing habitat. Another interesting venue to put on the list of places to visit. again!
17 Aug Wellow Ladies gp
Meryl loved the glorious summer village green setting in Wellow with its striking Maypole when she arrived to do her talk about Afternoon Tea. Definitely worth a visit.
8 Aug Edenthorpe Gardening gp
The Gardeners of Edenthorpe enjoyed their tea and cakes to accompany Meryl’s talk about Afternoon Tea.
2 Aug Cusworth Hall
Pirates and princesses soon got stuck into Pirate Ship Sandwiches, Cinnamon Princess shoes and crowns biscuits and Princess Lemon buns at the fabulous all day event. The Great kitchen had never seen so many scary pirates and beautiful princesses! 
July 16
25 Jul NHS Retirement gp
Meryl made a favourite Victoria Sandwich for an Afternoon tea treat. There were Coconut Macaroons and Lavender shortbread from Grandma’s popular baking book.
21 Jul Edenthorpe WI
Visitors came from far and wide to this group to hear Grandma’s story including from Australia - and a precious copy of Grandma's book was part of the luggage for the return journey!
20 Brodsworth & District CW
Meryl enjoyed talking to this lovely group about the challenges of baking on those tricky Yorkshire Ranges – and how not to burn your biscuits!
19 Jul Thorne CWA
Members of this group were intrigued to discover that one of Grandma’s sisters had lived in the Thorne area for many years. They enjoyed a variety of cakes and biscuits from Grandma’s recipe collection. 
18 Jul Cantley Community gp
Meryl had a lovely morning Afternoon Tea with this group before they went off on their summer break. Coffee Cake proved a popular choice.
13 Jul Darfield Wesley Ladies
Meryl paid a return visit to tell the group all about Afternoon tea. They were a very knowledgeable lot since they knew most of the answers. They must have been swotting up before the session. Still time to enjoy an old fashioned Victoria Sandwich in style.
7 Jul Auckley WI
Meryl judged a plate competition – and found it so hard to do as she loved all the beautiful tea plates – perfect for Grandma’s Orange which the members sampled after the talk –they all said it was a lovely cake.
5 Jul Wilthorpe Community Group
Meryl enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon with the Afternoon Group in Wilthorpe talking about Grandma’s baking and sharing her cakes. Liz wrote Liz writes : Dear Meryl Once again thankyou for visiting our Afternoon club
June 16
18 Jun Doncaster Libraries Turn the Page Festival
Meryl had a brilliant time appearing at the Turn the Page Festival at Doncaster Museum & Art Gallery
15 Jun Rotherham Distaff Group
Meryl spent a lovely evening in the company of the Distaff group. They said they really enjoyed the talk and loved the Orange Cake at the end of the evening.
7 Jun Aston Ladies Circle
Meryl had a lot of fun with the Ladies Circle who were quick to learn the rules and regulations of Afternoon tea!
 6 Jun Gleadless Methodists
Meryl paid a lovely sunny afternoon visit to this group who  loved to hear Grandma’s secret to long life – homemade baking!
4-5 Lincolnshire County Flower Show
Meryl enjoyed talking to visitors about how Grandma taught her to bake scrumptious cakes, biscuits, jams and lots more – and what makes the perfect Afternoon tea – just like Grandma used to serve up.
May 16
25 May Edlington Library
Edlington Library provided a modern venue for the History of Afternoon Tea. Lots of tea to accompany the cakes and scones! What a treat!
19 May Kiveton Park Local History gp
Meryl paid a return visit to Kiveton to the Local History gp. They are keen on cake so #Devil’s FoodCake day was a great excuse for Chocolate Cake for the Afternoon Tea talk.
13 May Thurcroft Friday Club
Meryl had a lovely Friday afternoon at the Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall. What a lovely group who had plenty to say about their own experiences of baking.  
10 May Carlton Snaithe WI
Meryl passed on the rules and regulations about Afternoon Tea which they said they would try out- well some of the rules! Great feedback on the cakes.
9 May Doncaster Breast Cancer Support gp
Meryl enjoyed meeting members of this group. They had plenty of anecdotes about their relatives’ time in service and kept us all enthralled. They loved the cakes!
8 May Cusworth Hall
Meryl was once again resident cook at the Servants at the Hall event in the Great Kitchen. Visitors loved as taste of Edwardian Afternoon tea with the cucumber and egg and cress sandwiches, not to mention the dainty cakes and scones.
4 May Arksey WI
This has to be the most exquisite venue to date for The History of Afternoon Tea. The fabulous Village Tea Pot in Arksey. A lovely crowd too who certainly enjoy the glories of cake!
3 May Conisborough & Denaby Community gp
This group had lots of stories to tell about their family members who had been in service – and I met a school class mate from the past. 
April 16
15 April Carcroft Local History Group
Meryl had a brilliant Friday afternoon with this group including meeting the person who had installed the Yorkshire range in its new position in the Great Kitchen at Cusworth Hall.
6 Apr Norton Lees WI
Meryl enjoyed visiting this chatty group who get up to all sorts of craft activities. Their interesting teatowel competition provided the resources to wash up after enjoying Grandma’s tea and cakes.
5 Apr Armthorpe WI
A return visit to this group to toast the Queen’s 90
'Hi Meryl  Just a note to thank you very much for your excellent presentation at our WI on Tuesday.The ladies loved it and especially your delicious samples of cakes and biscuits - they went down very well indeed. I think we all learned something and a bit of history into the bargain is always good news.'
5 Apr Dronfield Townwomen’s morning gp
It was a bright and early start to arrive on time for this group who meet in the morning. Meryl met a member of the group whose Grandma had been in service in Barnard Castle. The cakes went down well with morning coffee! 
March 16
22 Mar Mattersey Villages Together gp
Gaynor writes : Hello Meryl   I would just like to thank you again for coming to give your talk in Mattersey. We enjoyed it thoroughly and I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes!
21 Mar Loversall WI
Meryl enjoyed the visit to The Hut – an amazing building where Loversall WI hold their meetings. Meryl judged the traditional kitchen utensils competition  and all so interesting reminders of past treasures.

21 Mar Wheatley Local History Gp
Audrey writes : Dear Meryl  Thank you for a very interesting talk you gave this morning and  also for the lovely cakes. Regards Audrey
17 Mar Cudworth Ladies Circle
The Cudworth Ladies loved tasting all Grandma’s cakes. Barely a crumb left over by the end of the evening!
9 Mar Barnby Dun WI
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group about her Grandma’s baking. They shared their stories from their own relatives about being in service just like Grandma and her sisters. 
9 Mar  Cantley Methodists
Meryl paid a return visit to this group to talk about Afternoon Tea. They loved Meryl’s Buckingham Palace Garden Party hat and of course the cakes from Grandma’s book
8 Mar Dunsville WI
Meryl enjoyed presenting the story of Afternoon tea to this group. They had organised a china tea cup competition which was impossible to judge as they were all so beautiful.
5 March Nom Nom Cookery Book Club Wakefield Library
Meryl was very privileged to be invited to the first Library Cookery Book Club in the country. The group had been studying Grandma’s story and were delighted to sample Grandma’s baking on the day. The Museum Service also brought along cookery utensils similar to the ones which Grandma would have used in service.
February 16
Grandma duties. Welcome to my adorable new Grandson! 

January 16
21 Jan Tickhill Library
Library enthusiasts discovered a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon refining their skills and knowledge of the tradition we love of Afternoon tea. Huge thanks to Lesley and colleagues for making it such a splendid event.
6 Jan Roche Valley CWA Firbeck
Meryl enjoyed some interesting anecdotes from the group members about times in service. There was plenty of cake – Grandma’s Family Fruit Loaf and Coconut Macaroons were particular  favourites.
5 Jan Hatfield Woodhouse Gardening Club
Meryl took along the new batch of Marmalade in the form of Marmalade Spice Cake – and topped it with clementines for a healthy start to the New Year. The group enjoyed hearing how Grandma made good use of gluts of fruit and vegetables.
December 15
11 Dec Goldthorpe Market
Meryl was delighted to support Heather at this event. Heather was inspired by the event at Cusworth Hall and designed her stall with Christmas 1915 baking as the soldiers would have received them. Heather wrote : “If it is your aim to get people baking, you have achieved that with me, as this was quite a challenge I set myself, after the inspiration I got from your demonstration in Cusworth.  I don’t see myself as ‘not a baker’ now.” Congratulations to Heather and all the Goldthorpe Development Trust for organising such a brilliant event.

7 Dec Darfield Ladies 
Meryl celebrated the festive season with the ladies in Darfield. They loved reminiscing about Grandma’s baking and were very tempted by the cakes!

3 Dec Oddfellows Worksop
Meryl enjoyed the visit to talk to the group in Nottinghamshire and spent some time finding out about the origins of  treacle and golden syrup from a member who lived in South Africa. Members loved the Marmalade Spice Cake and other Christmas baking to start the season. 

November 15
Meryl showed
26 Nov Christmas Gifts  
Meryl showed how to get ready for the festive season and make traditional treats as gifts. Meryl enjoyed chatting about her Grandma's recipes for the Christmas season and there was a lot of tasting throughout the morning!
4 Nov Sprotbrough Wives
A morning phone call sent Meryl as a last minute replacement for the group’s speaker. Grandma’s Victoria Sandwich and Yorkshire Parkin proved to be a major success!
October 15
28 Oct Doncaster Local History Society
June writes an ecard :
27 Oct Soroptomists Doncaster Club
Meryl was treated to a scrumptious meal before talking to the group about Grandma’s baking. They found room to sample some of Grandma’s cakes and said they were all enthralled by it all!
21 Oct Sutton Cum Lound WI
Meryl was given a warm welcome to this group in a lovely venue. Members mentioned about all sorts of unusual cakes including Thor Cake and Jordan Cake. I’ll be looking out for the recipes!

20 Oct Harthill WI
Meryl was delighted to celebrate the birthday of a member who was 91 years young! And she knew all the answers about the characters in the Afternoon Tea story. Her mother had worked at the Lyons Café in London too!
19 Oct Chesterfield U3A
Meryl had lots of questions about Grandma’s baking from this knowledgeable group who meet in the town with the crooked spire. 
15 Oct Belles of St Henry’s WI
The Belles venue was certainly a very interesting place to find in the Derwent Valley. Meryl loved the photo  they put on theirFacebook Belles of St Henry's
15 Oct Bawtry Ladies Luncheon Club
Meryl was invited to a very pleasant lunch with Banana & Nut dessert – just like Grandma’s Banana Nut Loaf - perfect. Everyone enjoyed the talk and managed to find room for a piece of cake too!
13 Oct Wheatley Hills Senior Citizens
Meryl went back to this afternoon group to talk about the History of Afternoon tea. They have lots of interesting activities and were planning a trip to Doncaster’s famous Mansion House to sample ‘Afternoon tea’. They know all the rules now!
12 Oct Thorpe March Ladies
Another visit to this group who love meeting and having fun. Meryl baked Grandma’s Orange cake in a ring tin this time. They said it could be one of their 5-a –day! Julie wrote a lovely card too.
12 Oct Swallownest Ladies
Meryl had a lovely time with this afternoon group. We sang ‘Happy  birthday’ to a member who was 90 years young! She said that Grandma’s cake was just perfect for the celebration!
6 Oct Caunton WI
Meryl had a fantastic time at Floral Media. The group wrote on the   ‘Thankyou Meryl for an insight into traditional recipes created by your Grandma. It s lovely to see you still using her recipes and spreading her legacy today!’
5 Oct Herringthorpe Monday Club
Meryl inspired the group to do more baking – well, that’s what they said when they bought Grandma’s book! 
September 15
30 Sept Swinton House Group
Meryl enjoyed going to this informal group who meet once a month but later in the evening than many groups. Meryl called them the ‘Night Owls’ –  and they still ate all the Coffee cake!

3 Sept Whiston WI
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group about her Grandma’s baking. They were intrigued by the stories of being ‘in service’ and had lots of stories from their own relatives to share. 
3 Sept Warmsworth WI

Meryl had a lovely time with this group, talking about Grandma’s life and her baking. They  enjoyed the cakes and were keen to hear all about the legacy of Grandma’s baking. They’ve booked again for ‘The History of Afternoon Tea’ at the same time next year (for more cake!) 
August 15
19 Aug Armthorpe Library The History of Afternoon tea
Meryl had a wonderful afternoon with visitors to Armthorpe Library. The volunteers had put on a marvellous spread. You can read about the feedback on the
4 Aug Thorne WI The History of Afternoon tea
This group was having fun planning for their entries at the Epworth Show later in the summer. They said Grandma’s cakes were an inspiration! Good luck with the baking!
July 15
20 Jul Clifton Park and Museum Friends
Meryl's return visit to the Clifton Park and Museum Friends was to tell them the story of Afternoon tea. The group knew all about Boston Castle in Rotherham and were holding an Afternoon tea event there later that month. 
17 & 18 Jul WW1 Life on the Home Front at Cusworth Hall and Gardens Doncaster
Meryl had fantastic support from Lucy, Emma and Martin over the 2 days she spent baking recipes from the World World 1 era as part of Doncaster 1914-18 project. The recipes were based on letters sent home from soldiers at the front about what they liked best.

16 Jul Kiveton Park & Wales Local History Group
This group had much to say about their own family members who had been in service - some had travelled long distances on foot to start work. 
15 Jul Emmanuel Church Barnsley
There was't a crumb left when Meryl served out Grandma's tasty cakes. One member said she had a recipe for 'courting cake' which sounds intriguing!
14 Jul Harlington & Barnburgh Mothers Union
Meryl really enjoyed meeting members of this group, some of whom remembered Grandma's sister, Edith and her son, Cedric and daughter in law, Louisa who lived in the village. One member actually lived next door!

1 Jul Chapeltown Ladies
This group enjoyed Grandma's cakes and her story on this lovely summer's evening.
June 15
30 Jun Warmsworth Ladies
Meryl paid a repeat visit to this group to talk about ‘the History of Afternoon tea’ just one month after her first visit. They couldn’t wait to sample another set of Grandma’s cakes! They are a fabulous group with a great sense of humour!
25 Jun Treeton Local History Group
Meryl was intrigued to hear the story of Boston Castle, Rotherham which was

3 Jun Aston Friends & Neighbours
Meryl had a very warm welcome to this afternoon group.They said they
May 15
27 May Misson & Springs WI
Meryl told this group that they showed her the best way to relax - with a glass of wine and a slice of cake! And in return they said how much they enjoyed learning all about Grandma's baking! 
20 May Doncaster Unison
This audience at the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery shared lots of interesting details about their own relatives who had been ‘in service’. Grandma’s cakes went down well with just a few pieces for the kind museum staff who helped Meryl set up.
19 May Tankersley Ladies Group
Meryl had a great welcome from the ladies who invited her to lunch– a delicious pork, apple and stuffing sandwich which went down well with Grandma’s cakes.
13 Moss & District Ladies
Meryl was the first speaker in the new Community Hall in Moss. It’s a wonderful building and will be a great asset for the community.  
11 May Hatfield Local History Society
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group on a lovely sunny afternoon. They were holding a spring fair a few days later and said hearing about Grandma’s baking inspired them to get baking!
5 May Warmsworth Ladies Group
Meryl had a lovely card from Margot who said it had been a delightful evening. She also said she was looking forward to wowing her family with a whole new variety of cakes!
April 15
8 April Woodsetts WI
Meryl had a lovely vote of thanks from Iris. She was first in line to buy Grandma’s book. Everyone enjoyed the cakes and biscuits too!
March 15
23 Mar Gawber Ladies
Meryl enjoyed a return visit to this group to talk about the History of Afternoon tea. The ladies all enjoyed the cakes again too and sent a lovely card for my birthday!
16 Mar Aston Ladies
Meryl brightened up a rainy afternoon with Grandma’s Orange Cake. It’s always a favourite!

12 Mar Haxey & Westwoodside Local History
Meryl paid a repeat visit to this group to talk about the History of Afternoon tea – and they said it was so interesting – they just had to sample all the cakes!
9 Mar Gleadless Ladies
Meryl told this group all about all the elements of Afternoon Tea, including the correct way to stir your tea!
2 Mar Stocksbridge and Deepcar TWG
It was snowing outside but the Afternoon Tea and Ginger Cake warmed everyone up. What a lot of activities this group does to support their local community! Keep on with it all! 
February 15
17 Feb Furlong Road
What a thrill for Meryl to go back to Furlong Road, her Grandma’s church and talk to the group about Afternoon Tea. We all had a great chat afterwards, remembering Grandma and of course tasting her scrumptious cakes!

12 Feb Tickhill Countrywomen
Meryl was on her 2
11 Feb Badsworth WI
Meryl enjoyed talking to this group about her Grandma’s baking. They were intrigued by the stories of being ‘in service’ and had lots of anecdotes of their own to share. 
10 Feb Braithwell Countrywomen
Meryl judged the group’s competition which was about old Cookery books. They were all amazing so it was so hard to choose. They all deserved a prize! What a collection!

9 Feb Thorpe Marsh Ladies
Meryl had a fantastic reception from this jolly group. They loved her talk (and cakes!) so much asked her to go back again in October.

5 Feb Stainforth Local History
Meryl met a member of this group who had relatives who knew all about Grandma and her baking, including Cynthia who used to work on Bolton on Dearne railway station! It certainly made the phrase ‘small world’ come true!

4 Feb Hallam Ridgeway WI
It was cold and icy outside but Meryl had a heartwarming welcome to this group who enjoyed hearing all about the History of Afternoon Tea. One member brought along her copy of ‘Tea at Reids’ from Madeira which is a very interesting read.

4 Feb Dronfield Townswomen
Meryl met a lovely lady called Jean who later sent her mother’s copy of Woman’s Own Complete Cookery in its original packaging dated 23 Sept 1935. Meryl will certainly treasure this. 
3 Feb Wombwell Probus
Meryl had a warm welcome to this large group who sat in a circle to hear all about Grandma and her baking. They loved the Seed Cake and all the other cakes – not a crumb left! And baking fan Barrie sent me a recipe for Yorkshire Brack which I can’t wait to try! 

January 15
21 Jan Owston Ferry & Haxey WI
Meryl braved the icy weather to talk to the group in Owston Ferry and share Grandma’s story and cakes. She judged the competition but found it very hard to pick out the best plates – they were all beautiful!

8 Jan Blyth WI
Meryl was very privileged to meet the cousin of the late Dorothy Clay who had been in service at Hodsock Priory. Dorothy had been a member of the WI branch at Blyth and had told her story about her life in service. 
7 Jan Bessacarr Ladies Luncheon Club
Meryl was invited to lunch with the Ladies at their favourite restaurant before telling them all about Grandma and her baking. They just managed to find room to sample Grandma’s cakes as well! 

December/November 14
#Christmasgifts  Meryl supported a number of local charities from sales ofGrandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book over the Christmas period includingReg Charity No: 1150857 and

27 Nov Chat Room Sprotbrough 
Chris writes : Just to say thank you for coming with your talk and bringing all those cakes etc.  It was a really good afternoon and it was clear it was enjoyed by all; in fact they kept coming up to the hatch while we were washing up and saying how much they had enjoyed the afternoon.  

26 Nov Norton WI
Meryl enjoyed a buffet supper with the group after her talk about Grandma’s baking and received this lovely thank you card.  

13 Nov Rawmarsh WI 
It was a real trip down memory lane at this morning group when a member of the audience came and said they remembered me as a little girl wearing a bonnet and scarf! Someone also said they lived near Oakleigh where Grandma was in service. It's still there so I’ll have to pay a visit!
12 Nov Chapeltown WI
Meryl heard some interesting anecdotes about times in service from members of this group. It was a hard life for many getting up at 4.30 to light the fires for the ranges.

11 Nov Floral Media Caunton Newark
How to make festive gifts from Grandma Abson’s Traditional baking book. Meryl had an amazing morning making homemade gifts at this brilliant venue near Newark, Nottinghamshire. It was fantastic to have a sous-chef too – many thanks to Stephen and also to Paula for making me so welcome. We stopped to remember the fallen at 11.00 a.m.
10 Nov St Thomas Worsborough
Grandma’s baking is going far and wide. Meryl wrote messages for members buying copies of Grandma’s book for recipients in San Francisco and Melbourne!

3 Nov Bawtry Mayflower Primary School
Meryl had a great time with the Year 6 class. Kate wrote 

October 14
26 Oct Halloween at Cusworth Hall
There was something for everyone with ghostly stories and some spooky recipes from Grandma Abson’s baking.

 24 Oct Off the Shelf
Stocksbridge Library Sheffield
Meryl talked to a very inquisitive audience about The History of Afternoon Tea. They then tucked into a cornucopia of homemade baking. This was a very well attended event and part of Sheffield’s ‘Off the Shelf’ Festival of Words and we had cake too! See the Review!

 21 Oct Doncaster Mature Action Gp
Meryl enjoyed meeting the MAGs. The Dutch Apple Cake from Grandma’s book proved a winner to celebrate Apple Day.

13 Oct SY Centre Inclusive Living 
Meryl enjoyed a return visit to SYCIL, this time to talk about Afternoon Tea. The group are well practised at this as they have Afternoon Tea every time they meet. Baking fanatic Harry made a yummy Victoria Sandwich cake too.

3 Oct Montague Primary School
Meryl had a great time doing a literacy and numeracy session all about what she has to do when she sells Grandma’s baking books and her job as a presenter and writer about Grandma’s baking. The children made her feel very welcome.

August 14
26 Aug St Aidan’s Church, Wheatley 
 Meryl enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon with the Senior Cits talking about Grandma’s baking and sharing her cakes. They’ve asked her back again next year already!

12 Aug Barnsley Rotary Dodworth 
This was Meryl’s second  visit to the group, this time Meryl talking about  Grandma’s Dream Cake prize was a great hit!

July 14
29 Jul The Scott Practice Doncaster
Grandma’s Healthy Traditional Baking  Meryl had a very enjoyable afternoon talking to the Scott Practice’s Patients Participation Group at St John’s Church, Balby. There was afternoon tea and a lot of healthy eating chat as well as a very healthy Orange Cake.

17 Jul Brinsworth TW
Grandma's homemade cakes went down a treat on a lovely summer’s afternoon with this jolly group of ladies.

16 Jul Laxton Heritage 
Meryl thoroughly enjoyed talking to this group - they really are a proactive group with lots going on in this famous village in Notts. They loved the cakes especially Seed Cake and bought lots of Grandma’s books for their Bake off later in the year.

3 July Bramley Townswomen
Meryl met a lot of baking experts at this morning TW group. She had a great time and sold loads of Grandma’s baking books! It must have been the Orange Cake which tempted everyone to get baking! It was a special Tour de France cake for the occasion. 

June 14
11 Jun Cantley Methodist Church
Meryl had a warm welcome to the group in Cantley with a special technical expert to project the presentation onto the huge screen. Grandma’s cakes in huge glorious technicolour! And the cakes went down well too! 

6 Jun  Rotherham Cancer Care trust
Meryl was Guest Speaker with her talk on The History of Afternoon Tea in aid of Rotherham Cancer Care Centre group at the Wharncliffe Restaurant, Rotherham College of Arts & Technology
May 14
31 May DonMentia at The Point
Meryl was delighted to support the DonMentia event at The Point. DonMentia fundraises for Doncaster people affected by dementia.

28 May Age Well Group Wombwell
Meryl had a lovely afternoon with the Age Wellers. They loved Grandma’s Orange cake and said I should have baked at least four more Orange cakes!

15 May Woodsetts Local History Group
Meryl talked about the history of Grandma’s baking to the members of the group who meet in the lovely church building at Woodsetts. She met a former work colleague there who gave Meryl’s talk 10/10! 

April 14
 29 Apr Bentley Methodist Church 
Glynis writes : Thank you Meryl for your interesting and informative talk this evening for the Bentley Methodist Church Women's Association.’

11 Apr Danum Lacemakers & Crafts , Doncaster
Meryl heard some great stories from this group about their own craft skills. They admired Grandma’s sewing handiwork too. Her tablecloth always gets admiring glances (as well as the baking!) 
9 Apr Breakaway Group, Doncaster
Meryl had a fun time with this group who explained they ‘breakaway’ to do their own things!  Fortunately eating cakes and baking were ‘things’ they love to do!
8 Apr Swinton Townswomen, Rotherham
Meryl talked to the group about the inspiration she had to create a book and ebook from her Grandma’s recipes and to bring her baking alive to a new generation! 

7 Apr Wickersley Methodist Group, Rotherham
Meryl had a fabulous welcome to this lovely group. They said that they thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially Grandma’s homemade cakes.

2 April Wickersley Ladies, Rotherham

Meryl talked about baking to this popular group. As well as sampling Grandma’s baking, they had organised their own cake stall to raise funds for a local charity. It was a real #cakefest!

March 14
17 Mar Kairos Group Retford, Notts
Meryl spent a lovely afternoon with this group who enjoyed a special taste of the Mothering Sunday All in one Cake made from Grandma’s Victoria Sandwich recipe.

5 Mar Sprotbrough Wives, Doncaster
Meryl was on local territory with friends from the past who said they were inspired by Grandma’s story and especially her traditional homemade baking.

4 Mar Aston Ladies Circle
Meryl had a great time with this group, talking about Grandma’s life and her baking. The ladies certainly enjoyed the cakes and were keen to hear all about the legacy of baking. 

February 14
25 Feb Mexborough Local Historical Society
This was the first time Meryl had done a talk about Grandma and her baking in a pub: The Ferryboat Inn, Mexborough! The group were very knowledgeable about dates and local history but learnt a few new facts about traditional baking! The cakes (and ale) went down well too!

20 Feb Hoyland Springfield Ladies, Barnsley
Meryl had a very warm welcome to this lovely group. Penny said that they all thoroughly enjoyed the evening and found it most entertaining and informative, as well as enjoying Grandma’s homemade cakes. The ladies who bought Grandma’s book are all busy baking away.

15 Feb Free Cakes for Kids Sheffield
BBC Radio Sheffield’s Andy Kershaw bought Meryl’s Valentine's Day cake. He tweeted that this was the best Valentine cake ever!

11 Feb
Athersley Primary School, Barnsley
Meryl had a fantastic time with her youngest audience yet at Athersley Primary School, Barnsley. She was taking part in the’ Primary Futures Project’ to support how business people use their literacy and numeracy skills in their business lives. She felt very privileged to work with the Year 6 pupils. They've invited Meryl back to their school to bake with them in their baking club so watch this space! Read about it and see the photo in the 
January 14
27 Jan After Eight Group Abbeydale, Sheffield
Meryl signed lots of copies of Grandma’s baking book for the group members in Totley. It was a dark and dismal evening but the welcome was warm and inviting.

25 Jan Bake off : Sheffield Cancer Mafia
Meryl had a lovely welcome at the Sheffield Cancer Mafia Bake Off. She made a special St Clement's Cake. The group raised over £200 forYorkshire Cancer Research Well done to all involved.

20 Jan Aston-cum-Aughton  Local History 
Members of the group found much to ask about Grandma’s time ‘in service’,  her baking and life on the railway station. And of course, the cakes went down a real treat!

16 Jan Goldthorpe WI, Barnsley
Meryl really enjoyed going back to Goldthorpe very near to where she grew up. Some of the members remembered Grandma’s famous baking and loved reminiscing over the cakes and biscuits from Grandma’s repertoire. Meryl had to judge a competition of the most unusual baking implement!

15 Jan High Level WI Thorne Doncaster
Meryl needed an escort to find the amazing farmhouse venue for the group. But it was a brilliant turnout and she enjoyed talking to the group and sharing memories of Grandma’s baking. 

December 13
14 Dec Rotherham Heritage Society
Grandma's Ginger Cake proved to be the hit of the morning - as well as Shortbread biscuits, Mince pies with home made mincemeat, Boxing Day Cake with dates and honey – enjoying trying out some of Grandma’s  favourite Christmas recipes....

2 Dec Victorian Evening Cannon Hall, Barnsley 
Meryl showed off her Grandma's skills baking traditional Christmas recipes for the guests at the Victorian Evening at Cannon Hall.

1 Dec Getting Ready for Christmas in the Country House
Meryl was back in Great Kitchen in the 1890s, making some of the delights which would have been eaten by guests and children over the festive period in the late Victorian Country House. The Lavender shortbread was a real favourite!

November 13
30 Nov Samaritans 50th Anniversary charity
A signed copy of Grandma’s book was one of the prizes at this event. 

 28 Nov Aurora & Friends Christmas Shopping
Visitors saw how to make those special homemade gifts from Grandma's book and tasted her favourite Christmas recipes.

23 Nov Christmas gifts Cook N' Dine Lakeside
Meryl was back again by popular demand showing customers how to make tasty treats for Christmas edible gifts.
17 Nov Doncaster Tourist Information Centre
Meryl called in with a special Yorkshire Cake to congratulate the team at Visit Doncaster

Meryl enjoyed talking to the Wombwell Salvation Army Group about the inspiration she had to create a book and ebook from her Grandma’s recipes and to bring her baking alive to a new generation!  

October 13
28 Oct St Mary’s Worsborough
Meryl talked about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking with the group at St Mary’s. They all had tales to tell from their family members, great aunts, grandmas and great grandmas in service. 

26 Oct Rotherham Heritage Fair
Meryl signed copies of Grandma’s Traditional baking book at Rotherham’s popular Local History and Heritage fair, showcasing dozens of groups from across the borough at Rotherham Minster. Grandma's Yorkshire Parkin was very popular too!

15 Oct Spirit Barnsley
 Meryl's talk about her Grandma's baking and cakes and biscuits brought back lots of memories for the Spirit group at King Street Centre, Barnsley. The project is supported by South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust. It was #Chocolateweek so that was the excuse to eat all Grandma's Chocolate Cake (and Shrewsbury biscuits and Marmalade Spice Cake ....!) Well, you have to sample everything!

September 13
27 Sept MacMillan Cancer Support
Meryl joined in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning at The Waterfront Restaurant, Doncaster College to support this fantastic event. 

28 & 29 Sept
A signed copy of Grandma’s book was one of the prizes at this event hosted by The Brompton Cookery School in support of the Shropshire RCC Carers Appeal. 
Lovely message back to say they had raised £5000. Well done!
13 Sept Charity Ball Lancaster 
Lancaster & District Homeless Action Service Ltd held a charity ball to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. A signed copy of Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book will be one of the prizes at the event. Happy #baking to the winning ticket!

9 Sept Spirit Barnsley
After joining in their fitness exercises, Meryl talked to the Spirit group members at Birdwell Methodist Church, Barnsley. The project is supported by South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust. They loved hearing all about Grandma and eating up the baking samples! 

August 13
28 Aug Doncaster Carers group
Meryl's talk and cakes went down very well at the Doncaster Carers group Drop In session. The group had stories about their relatives 'in service' too. 

1 Aug  Yorkshire Day
Meryl dropped by Doncaster Tourist Information Centre with Yorkshire Parkin and Doncaster Royal Butterscotch Cake to celebrate Yorkshire Day. 
July 13  
Meryl spent two enjoyable days in The Great Kitchen at Cusworth Hall. The staff took visitors on a tour of the Hall to discover the life of children in the Hall from the family who owned the house to the stable boy who looked after the horses. In the kitchen it was all about what Charles and Barbara ate in Edwardian times and sampling what Meryl had been baking. But it was hard work and she was pleased to put her feet up! 
June 13
13 Jun Tickhill Countrywomen’s Group
Over 70 countrywomen came to hear Meryl's talk about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking and they ate all the cakes and one member told us about her own life in service in Bradford - wow!

8 Jun Sprotbrough Bake–Off
Meryl had a hard task judging biscuits and cakes at the Bake-Off in aid of Rafiki Children’s Home, Ghana. The winner baked an amazing chocolate cake!

6 Jun DRI Gynecological Support Group
Meryl enjoyed sharing her baking experiences with the Cancer Support group. They were definitely a boisterous lot who asked lots of questions. Fortunately she had the answers!

April 13 
Clifton Park Museum Rotherham
Meryl had a fantastic time baking shortbread on the restored Yorkshire Range alongside the Friends of Clifton Park Museum. It was a proper baking challenge! The shortbread biscuits soon disappeared with the visitors saying they were the best they had ever tasted! And I really got into it so made Grandma's Oat Ginger biscuits too!

10 Apr Crowle & Eland Mothers’ Club
Meryl enjoyed talking to the Crowle & Eland Mothers’ Club. She picked up a recipe for Chantilly Cake - no cream or lace! - and will be trying this out for a future blog post.

9 Apr Grenoside Ladies 
Following the successful talk at Sheffield Library last year, Meryl White was invited to Sheffield to talk about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking. She had a great response from the group.

5 Apr Cake and Bake Show Manchester
Meryl went to the Cake and Show in Manchester. She spotted some famous TV faces and amazing cake creations.  See Meryl’s Cake and Bake photos

March 13
15 Mar 
Doncaster College Bake Off
Meryl was in excellent company with Lisa Pyott – Chef Lecturer – Female Chef of the Year, Gold Medal Winner at Hotel Olympia and Jessica Mycroft – VRQ Level 2 Professional Cookery Student who excels in Patisserie - judging the bake off competition for the best Victoria sponge.  Ready, get set, bake! Students at the College raised over £1300 for Comic Relief during the day 

14 Mar Aurora Easter Fayre Mexborough
Shoppers sampled the tastes from times gone by and picked up a great personalised Easter gift! Meryl signed copies of her recipe book 

14 Mar Women Inspiring Women Group 
Meryl talked to the group about the inspiration she had to create a book and ebook from her Grandma’s recipes and to bring her baking alive to a new generation! #downthegenerations 

9 Mar 
Waterstones Doncaster
 Meryl was at Waterstones, Doncaster just before Mothering Sunday to sign copies of her brilliant book. The staff did their own Comic Relief bake off with recipes from Grandma's book, battling for the crown of Baking King/Queen.  The Butterfly buns won by a short head from the Orange Cake but the Shortbreads, Gingerbread Men were close behind. Around £70 went off to Comic Relief! 

5 Mar Armthorpe WI
Meryl had a great time talking about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking with members of Armthorpe WI.

February 13
Hodsock Priory Snowdrops
Meryl had a fantastic time during the fabulous Snowdrop Village festival at Hodsock Priory, talking about traditional baking, just like Grandma’s, in the early 1900s, the Second World War, when Land Girls lived at Hodsock, and the recipes collected by the family. Hodsock has fantastic memories for Meryl as her daughter (Grandma Abson’s great granddaughter) held her wedding reception there on a blissfully hot sunny day in October 2011. 
Photo courtesy  © Chris Chambers Photography

28 Feb Chat Room Sprotbrough Methodists
Nostalgia in the air when Meryl went 'chatting' about her Grandma, her baking and sharing her recipes. Everyone loved the Marmalade Spice Cake recipe!

21 Feb Cusworth Hall Friends
Meryl was back at Cusworth Hall talking with the Friends about Grandma’s life in service and her collection of baking recipes. Comment from Sheila Bury artist Facebook  : Thank you for a very entertaining presentation at Cusworth Hall this evening, it was very enjoyable, and the cakes were scrumptious.

18 Feb Harlington & Barnburgh WI  
Meryl White loved talking about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking. Lots of nostalgia for  baking with over 60 WI members in Barnburgh, the village just 3 miles from where Grandma lived.The evening started with a hearty rendition of 'Jerusalem'. Awesome!

17 Feb Backstairs and Bell Pulls - The Hidden Life of Cusworth Hall’s Edwardian Servants
 Discovering what it was like to be ‘in service’ in the Great Kitchen at Cusworth Hall.

14 Feb Haxey & Westwoodside Heritage Society
Meryl talked about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking. She’s shared her passion for baking on Valentine's Day with members of the Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage Society. who made a date with Grandma's Valentine's baking!  P.S. Many thanks to George (pictured) from the Camera Club with his help with the projector! 

11 Feb Afternoon tea South Yorkshire Inclusive Living 
Meryl had afternoon tea with the Inclusive Living Group and talking about Grandma's baking.

5 Feb The Great Kitchen, The Mansion House, Doncaster
Final year undergraduate Media students from the University of Huddersfield were filming Meryl demonstrating her Grandma's recipes in the Great Kitchen in the Mansion House.
January 13
10 Jan Dinnington Townswomen
Meryl  talked about Grandma’s long life and shared her passion for baking with members of 
Comment from Stef : Many thanks for a great evening last night, We all thoroughly enjoyed it!
20 Dec Waterstones Derby 

Meryl signed copies of her Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book. Customers enjoyed tasting the samples Meryl had baked. 

1 Dec Cook N'Dine Lakeside Village Doncaster
Grandma Abson's Traditional Christmas Baking
Meryl demonstrated how to make tasty Christmas traditional delights  from her Grandma’s collection of recipes and get ahead with Festive Baking! 
November 2012
 29 Nov Aurora Christmas Fayre Kirk Sandall
Meryl signed copies of her recipe book Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking. Visitors sampled tastes from times gone in a great personalised Christmas gift!

23 Nov Waterstones Bradford
Author Meryl White was at Waterstones Bradford wool Exchange signing copies of her cookbook Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking, a great book that is simple and easy to follow and has some very tasty family recipes.
17 Nov Urmston Bookshop
Meryl enjoyed signing books at the independent Urmston bookshop. Grandma's sisters were 'in service’ in Manchester. Meryl  remembered Emma's fabulous Rock Buns and Ivy's delicious Coconut macaroons and lots of other tempting delights for Christmas from 
16 Nov Waterstones Leeds
Meryl White signed copies of her recipe book and raised £45.00 for Children in Need from Waterstones Leeds lovely customers!

3 Nov Waterstones Doncaster
Customers celebrated Bonfire Night with Meryl, who was signing copies of her mouth watering Grandma's recipe book. 

27 Oct Waterstones Derby
Celebrate Halloween with Meryl White, who will be signing copies of her recipe book Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking. Sample some tastes from times gone by and pick up a great personalised gift!

22 Oct Gawber Ladies Community Centre, Barnsley 
Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking talk and taste about Grandma's life and baking by Meryl White. 

20 Oct Rotherham Local History and Heritage Fair

Showcasing dozens of groups from across the borough in Rotherham MinsterMeryl White, author of Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking  signed copies of her book on the Friends of Clifton Park Museum  stand. 

15 Oct 
Meryl talked to the Friends of Clifton Park Museum about her Grandma's life and her homemade delights from her recipes.

1 Oct Gleadless URC Ladies Circle, Sheffield

Meryl enjoyed talking to the group about Grandma's life and baking. Everyone enjoyed the cakes which Meryl had baked for the members.

August 2012
24 Aug Waterstones York
Meryl White signed copies of her recipe book 

June 2012
4 Jun Picnic in the Park at The Canch, Worksop
Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a Picnic in the park with entertainment, games, balloon race and stalls and refreshments and lots more. Here's a winner of Grandma's baking competition too! Proceeds to fundraising charity
2 Jun  
Tourist Information Centre
Royal Doncaster Butterscotch Jubilee Celebration Cakes based on Event kindly supported by : Sainsburys & Taylors of Harrogate.  Donations to the 
May 2012
23 May Success Doncaster Business Showcase 
Meryl White will be offering samples of cakes, teabreads, biscuits and scones from her Grandma’s collection of traditional recipes and talking about her book. Signed copies of Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking

19 May 
Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book was on sale at the Celebration Weekend to support the refurbishment of the Community Hall.

7 May Bank Holiday Monday CookNDine Lakeside Village
Meryl White will be demonstrating how to make tasty treats from her Grandma’s collection of recipes.
4 May
Meryl White will be talking about Grandma’s life and her traditional baking. She’ll be sharing her passion for baking with the Townswomen group in Doncaster. 
Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book on sale in support of the MS Society.

1 May  Sheffield Central Lending Library       

Author Meryl White will be talking about her remarkable grandmother and sharing from the book she inspired her to write   “Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking”

Email:  This event is free. 

March 12
17 Mar Doncaster Deaf Trust  Craft Fair 

 Meet author, Meryl White. Taste some of Grandma’s recipes and have a chat about baking!  Signed copies of Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking on sale.

February 12  
Snowdrops at Hodsock    
Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking book was on sale in the luxurious Tearoom at Hodsock Priory during the snowdrop season. A magical place to visit and enjoy the first snowdrops heralding the start of spring. 

17 Feb  
There was sampling and scoring Butterscotch recipes based on Grandma Abson’s baking to pick a winner for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in Doncaster ! Difficult decision making! 
December/November 2011
Meryl was busy signing copies of Grandma Abson’s Traditional Baking at 

19 Nov Stir Up Sunday at Cusworth Hall
Meryl was cook in charge in The Great Kitchen. There were lots of visitors eager to learn how to make Plum Pudding just like Grandma, following her sister’s Emma’s foolproof recipe!

16 Nov Hands on in Chiswick 
A baking party for Chiswick Boot Camp members with a all hands-on demonstration of  Grandma’s tastiest baking.  Sarah Allen Cruz

25 Sept  Barnsley Rotary
Meryl talked about Grandma's life and baking but more importantly here's the winner of Grandma’s Paradise Cake! 

15 Sept  Rotherham Cancer Care Centre
Meryl  talked about her Grandma’s time as a cook-housekeeper in Edwardian times and long life baking for family and friends, with traditional, simple and tasty recipes. Proceeds in aid of Rotherham Cancer Care Trust
11 Sept Afternoon tea
The Hens  enjoy the perfect Victoria Sponge Cake with Grandma’s prizewinning recipe for a perfect hen party! 

6 Sept Furlong Road Ladies Group
Meryl talked about her Grandma's life and her homemade delights to Grandma’s old friends at Furlong Road Methodist Church, Bolton on Dearne. They remembered her sumptuous cakes and apple pies – so the pressure was on to make the tastiest treats! 

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