Tuesday 25 August 2020

Back to the Bero book

I’ve always enjoyed meeting people who have been kind enough to share their treasured family recipes. Both Sheila’s Cut & Come Again Cake and Faith’s Chantilly Cake  have proved especially popular.
Often people will tell me about their cherished copy of the Bero cook book. In fact, there were many versions. It was first published in 1923 around the time that self raising flour started to become more popular. The Bero company staged exhibitions where they sold freshly baked scones and cakes and the recipes were much in demand. It’s now in its forty-first edition.
Recently, I looked through Grandma’s collection of Bero books – she had several ones from different eras and they are all well thumbed. I picked out this recipe to try from the twenty first edition in 1958.
Bero Parkins
As always with the trusty Bero recipe books, they turned out a very tasty accompaniment to a coffee or tea break at home. 
Some time ago time, Barrie sent me a photo of the famous Yorkshire Brack from his late wife’s Bero book. He was working his way through all the recipes and this was his favourite. So back to the Bero book for some traditional baking!