Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Round up of Grandma’s (and Dan’s!) Christmas Baking

Christmas delights from Grandma’s recipes
Christmas baking is well underway with the Plum (Christmas) Pudding steamed and the Christmas Cake baked to perfection. Grandma's the recipe has been featuring on Deliciously Yorkshire's site and in MODE magazine too. They all decided that Grandmas always knew best!
I've been out and about showing you how to make traditional recipes from Grandma's book. Amongst these homemade Mincemeat and Shortbread biscuits make delightful gifts which you can personalise with pretty wrapping. You’ll find more Christmas baking ideas on the Recipes page.
                                      Dan’s Orange & Pistachio Stollen Bars
I’m always on the lookout for something new to try, just like Grandma did over her long life of baking. Last Christmas, we fell under the spell of Dan Lepard’s divine Orange and Pistachio Stollen Bars and I’ll be making them again this year. You can find the recipe hereI love Dan’s recipes every week in the Guardian weekend magazine. Thanks Dan for talking to me on Twitter and Facebook; it’s fantastic to be able to pick up even more tips from you to make home baking come alive.
Ingredients for Almond Paste 
Amongst the ingredients, Dan lists Marzipan. I use Grandma’s homemade Almond Paste for this, left over after decorating our Christmas Cake. 

Meryl's tip : What's the difference Marzipan or Almond Paste?
Marzipan and Almond paste are very similar as they both have the same ingredients but in different proportions. There’s much debate about this but Marzipan generally has more sugar which makes it easier to use for modelling and decoration whereas Almond Paste has a higher amount of ground almonds which gives it a stronger almond taste.  It’s your choice! I also use lemon juice instead of egg white and maybe a dash of sherry or brandy to mix the paste.

Let me know how you’re getting on with Christmas baking and if you’ve got a favourite family Christmas recipe to share.

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