Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas homemade gifts are treats to impress

Getting ready for the festive period by making homemade Xmas treats is great fun and so easy! This was the morning’s agenda at Floral Media recently when I showed how Grandma’s traditional recipes made impressive gifts for family and friends for not much money and not too much time and effort. Throughout the morning there was an opportunity to taste the recipes as we went along and one of the participants even said it was like ‘tasting heaven’!

We started off making Cranberry & Apple Chutney  and then Mincemeat  to pot up, once cooled into jars with attractive covers and ribbons.
A Christmassy cake tin contains Boxing Day Cake,  a lighter cake made with dates and honey which can serve as an alternative to Christmas Cake.
Pretty gift bags can hold Coconut Macaroons, Mince Pies, Shortbread and Oat and Ginger biscuits (page 75 of Grandma's book). Smart gift boxes can be filled with Peppermint Creams (page 79) and Almond Balls from the left over Almond Paste. Dip them in melted chocolate (like Petits Fours) to make ideal presents for family and friends.

All the recipes are in Grandma Abson's popular Baking book which is a perfect gift for everyone who enjoys the delights of traditional baking just like Grandma’s!
Many thanks to Paula and Steven for such a warm welcome to this wonderful venue in Caunton, Newark UK. And an extra thank you to Steven for his fantastic support as sous chef! Floral Media Events Guide 2015  is out so book in early for lots of wonderful workshops and events!

And don’t forget to tell me about any home-made edible Xmas gifts you've made or received to add to Grandma’s collection...Happy baking!

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