Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Cranachan Burns’ Night special

Fiona's Cranachan
My friend, Fiona who is Scottish, and an amazing cook shared her family dessert for Burns’ night last year Prune & Whisky TartBut the standard dessert which follows the Haggis and the one we all know best is Cranachan. It’s a mixture of whisky, cream, honey and toasted oats and the consistency is more like a mousse. Here’s Fiona’s special family recipe:

2 oz (50g) medium oatmeal or rolled oats
2 tbsp of malt whiskey
2 tablespoons of runny Scottish honey
½ pint (300mls) double cream
6 oz (175g) raspberries (or you could use other soft fruit such as blueberries or blackberries – frozen will be fine but allow time to thaw.)

Toast the oatmeal/rolled oats under a hot grill for about 2 minutes. Whip the cream until thick and stir in the honey and malt whiskey. Add the raspberries and fold in the toasted oatmeal and spoon into small glasses.

You can add some biscuits such as shortbread Shortbread or any of the simple sweet biscuits in Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking book. We like Oat Ginger biscuits or Flapjack like the ones in the photo.

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