Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Chantilly Cake – that’s what I like!

Chantilly Cake
You’ve heard of Chantilly Cream, the vanilla whipped cream for desserts which takes its name from Chantilly, near Paris. Grandma knew all about Chantilly Lace, the handmade bobbin lace from the same French town. And she may have even heard  me playing the hit rock and roll song of the same name on my transistor! 

But what about Chantilly Cake? Faith, who heard about Grandma’s baking when I went to Crowle sent me a version. She wrote : “I am sending this family recipe for Chantilly Cake as promised. It was given to my mother by one of her friends, a Mrs. Kipling from Braithwell. It's an exceedingly good cake!”. And it’s true. It’s an ideal cake for a glorious sunny afternoon tea. It’s very simple to make and keeps moist.
Chantilly Cake
8 oz/225g butter
1 0z/25g lard (or see Meryl’s tips)
8 oz/225g sugar
3 eggs
8 oz/225g self raising flour
2 ½ oz/60g ground rice
2 ½ 0z/60g almonds
4 oz/110g walnuts
4 oz/110g glace cherries
2 oz/50g angelica
1 tsp vanilla extract
Cream the sugar and the fats (butter and lard). Add the beaten eggs. Add the dry ingredients, stirring all the time. Cook for one hour in a moderate oven. (I suggest 180C/160C Fan/Mark 4/350F)

Meryl’s tips :
If you don’t like lard, use butter.
Wash and dry the cherries so they don’t fall to the bottom.  
Use vanilla extract instead of essence for a stronger flavour.
Add a little milk for a slightly softer mixture.
Many thanks to Faith for passing on this hidden gem! If you’ve got a favourite family recipe, please let me know.

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