Friday 19 August 2011

Going for gold

Apple Pie with golden pastry
One of my favourite pastimes is gardening and it suit all moods, whether it’s hacking away at an overgrown shrub, growing fruit and vegetables or simply taking pleasure in a colourful display of flowers in spring and summer. It lifts my spirits when I get out into the garden.
Grandma let someone else take the strain of gardening but she did take full advantage of their efforts, and knew what to do with gluts of fruits and vegetables. Grandma Abson's Traditional Baking has recipes for jams and chutneys as well as fruit puddings and pies. My favourite  is Apple Pie made with her mouth watering perfect Shortcrust pastry.
Last September with much trepidation, I entered the annual competition for our local Gardeners' Association - in the baking section. I baked a Fruit pie, made from Grandma’s tried and trusted recipe. I was over the moon to win gold first prize and collect my winning certificate – this was my first baking competition! Not quite #GBBO but it felt like it - and I hope Grandma would have been proud of me!
1st Prize for Home made Fruit Pie

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