Wednesday, 11 September 2013

A wedding cake with substance and style

A flurry of butterflies gave the final touches to Becca and Rob’s wedding cake on their special day. Most wedding cakes are traditional fruit cakes but the couple wanted a simple 3 tiered sponge wedding cake. There’s always the question of how to create a stunning masterpiece from sponge cakes and stack without an elaborate structures of dowels. ? Well, our secret’s out! I used ultra light polystyrene moulds for the top 2 tiers. These rested securely on the large bottom tier of chocolate cake. And, ready to serve for the guests, I made 3 more large cakes, decorated in the same way for the evening ‘celebration’.  They just had to remember to cut into the bottom tier for the photos!

Countdown to the Big Day
In the weeks before the wedding day, I made test cakes with various fillings for Becca and Rob to try. In the end, they chose :
Victoria Sandwich with Chocolate Butter Cream filling
Toffee Cake  with Butterscotch Cream filling
Chocolate Cake with Butter Cream filling

Wednesday (3 days to go)
I made the 4 large 10 inch/25cms cakes : Victoria Sandwich, Toffee ( x 2) and Chocolate Cakes. 
Meryl’s Tip : I used Grandma’s basic recipe for each one and baked them in 10 inch/25cm cake tins for each cake with the 3 eggs and their weight in sugar, butter and flour for each layer of individual cake so each cake was made with 6 eggs. I used soft brown sugar for the Toffee Cake and Toffee Butter Cream filling instead of caster sugar.

Thursday (2 days to go)
I made Butter Cream in the various flavours to go with the cakes. I covered each cake with Butter Cream to form a base for the Ready to roll Icing. I rolled out the Icing and iced the cakes.
Friday (1 day to go)
I delivered the cakes to the venue, tied the themed green ribbon round each cake, and stacked them. Becca placed the butterfly decorations as she wanted. Hey presto!
Cake cutting (the bottom tier!) and lots of fantastic feedback from the newlyweds and their guests about the stylish look and most importantly the taste of all the cakes! It all worked perfectly so it was both substance and style. It was fantastic to be part of such a wonderful day! Becca and Rob even took it in the car to the airport for their honeymoon - what a great start to their life together!


  1. A wonderful cake by a wonderful friend. It was everything we wanted as was the rest of the day. We got lots of lovely comments from our guests too, they loved it! Our pick n mix bag of cake from all the different layers was a real treat to get us through our journey to the airport the morning after. We'll miss the cake testing sessions deciding what to go with, we really have been spoiled! Bex & Rob xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It was so easy to make these home made cakes for a very special day!

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  4. Thanks for your lovely comments!

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