Monday 29 July 2013

The Yorkshire ‘Drop’

Yorkshire Drop 
On 1st August we Yorkshire folk get a chance to boast about our identity, be proud of our county and give a boost to all those sad Yorkshire folk who have to live in exile away from this wonderful region. There’s more to read about Yorkshire Day and the tale of the origins of our special day. 
So, have you heard of Yorkshire Drop?  This recipe is based on Yorkshire pudding batter mixture but served up as a dessert with a fruit filling instead. It’s a close relative of the mouthwatering French Clafoutis and usually made with plums.
You'll need
4 ½oz/125g plain flour (sieved)
2 eggs
1 ½oz/40g sugar
Pinch of salt
 1/3 rd pint/200ml milk
*Fruit as in season
Make the batter as for Yorkshire Pudding. Mix the eggs and flour with a wooden spoon. Mix in the sugar, salt and milk and beat to the consistency of cream. Let it stand for about half an hour or so and stir occasionally to let the air in. Butter an ovenproof flan or pie dish and pour in the Yorkshire Pudding batter mixture.  ‘Drop’ in the fruit into the mixture and cook in a preheated moderately hot (Grandma called this temperature ‘quick’) oven for about 45 minutes (Mark 5, 190C, 375F). The batter will rise to perfection!
Meryl’s tips for the fruit: Now’s the time to make good use of summer fruits, so you can vary the fruit to ‘drop’ in according to the season : Plums, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cherries and Rhubarb, are all perfect for this dish. Wash and dry the fruit carefully. Slice fruit such as Plums and pre cook Rhubarb.  

Here’s a round-up of Yorkshire baking to celebrate our rich culture. 
 Yorkshire Parkin which we usually have on Bonfire Night 
By far the most well known dish is Yorkshire Puddings 
and Grandma was an expert!

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