Friday, 27 July 2012

Competing for the best cake

A cornucopia of cakes
I had to judge a cake competition in our local church hall recently. The theme was about showcasing all that’s great in baking and embracing the huge variety of recipes which make up our cultural identity. It's such a difficult task when every cake looks very appealing in its own way. There were cakes of all sizes and designs but in the end, I had to go for this amazing Chocolate Cake.
Winning with Chocolate Cake

Grandma used to win prizes for her baking and her recipes. Her Victoria Sandwich was a serial winner and she was so proud to win 5s when her Treacle Pudding was published in the local press. Baking competitions are certainly making home baking popular again and the Great British Bake Off or #GBBO has made a huge contribution to this. 
Meanwhile I'm loving sharing Grandma's recipes and collecting more to build the Recipes section of Grandma's Blog. So #keepbakingalive and everyone's a winner! What's your bake this week?

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