Thursday, 28 June 2012

You never know what's around the corner

The saying ‘you never know what’s around the corner’ has proved to be quite true for me. I’ve just spent 3 days in hospital undergoing unexpected major surgery. Pleased to say that I am now progressing well at home.
When the anaesthetist and the team were getting me ready for the ‘big sleep’, I started a discussion about the appeal of traditional baking - the simple recipes, the flavour of spices such as cinnamon and ginger together with reduced sugar, as Grandma did in times of austerity and rationing. I soon discovered the team’s favourite cakes.
Chocolate Cake
Victoria Sandwich
Coffee Cake
All this cake certainly took my mind off things as I drifted off into a world of baking bliss.
Back home, I’ve been having lots of  R 'n' R. In fact I’m only allowed to lift no more than a cup of tea. Luckily, a good friend brought me some scrummy homemade scones. It just reminds me how putting the kettle on for a cup of tea and a piece of cake helps deal with all manner of life’s difficulties. And it's so much better if it’s lovingly homemade.
Here's Grandma’s recipe for perfect Scones. I like different varieties but my favourites are fruit scones. Which are your favourites - apple and cinnamon, cherry, cheese.... so many to choose from? 

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